1.2.2017: The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research supports the project partners with a subsidy amount of 10 million Euros. Official start of the project was January 2017.

Together with the Leibnitz IPHT e.V. Jena, the ITP has successfully completed a feasibility study for the development of an electrically cooling system based on textile structures using the Peltier effect.

Certification of the exposure mat has been completed. Series production is starting on 1 November 2016. The exposure mat has passed all tests and will be used for the relaxation and activation of the cardiovascular system in the future.

The ITP has developed and patented a pneumatic, dynamic-controllable structural component for vehicle components. The structural component is a combination of thermoplastic textile and two-wall fabric structure.

The contribution to the ultimate high-performance insulation material Aerovylen® by Sabrina Hauspurg (ITP Weimar) paved the way for numerous enquiries and requests at the SmartTex network’s workshop on 13 October 2016.