• Radiant heat does not directly heat the air but rather the irradiated body or object. It is only when the material is impinged that the electromagnetic radiation is converted into heat.
  • Textile technical conversion by means of weaving and embroidery when using conductive yarns in combination with IR-emitting yarns specially developed by ITP.
  • Temperatures of up to 600°C can be reached.


  • The fields of application of IR radiation in the industry are manifold.
    Materials can be dried, cured; plastics can be softened and deformed.

Flächen-IR-Heizstrahler für sofortige, gezielte Wärmewirkung

  • IR-Strahler auf der TechTextil 2013
  • Gewebtes IR-Heizband
  • IR-Strahler für Auto-Fußbodenraum

  • Temperatures of up to 600°C can be produced.
  • Fast heating due to low thermal inertia.
  • Uniform and two-dimensional heat dissipation.
  • Accurately dimensioned adjustments are possible due to the flexibility of the heating textiles.


  • Flexible surface heating for industrial applications
  • Large area radiators
  • Railway track heating
  • Boiler heating

  • Kontaktflächenheizung zur Erwärmung von chemischen Flüssigkeiten
  • IR-Aufnahme: Erwärmung einer Flüssigkeit mittels heizendem Textil
  • IR-Aufnahme: Erwärmte Flüssigkeit im Inneren
  • Kontaktflächenheizung zur Erwärmung von Stahlwangen

  • Voltage range of 1.5 V to 230 V
  • Temperature range of 10°C to 100°C
  • Heat output can be adapted according to the customer’s preferences
  • Advantages: rapid surface heating and energy-efficient heating compared with conventional wire heating systems

Heating textiles can be manufactured with various textile manufacturing technologies.



  • Wellness bed heating systems
  • Glove warmers
  • Heating reinforcement fabric with glass fibre yarn
  • Surface heating in clothes
  • Heated car seats
  • Wall and floor heating systems

  • Heizendes Gestrick
  • Heizendes Gewebe mit integrierter Zuleitung
  • Heizbares Gewirk
  • Heizbare Stickerei
  • Heizbare Skikleidung

Infrared sensor surfaces

  • The functional IR particles are firmly anchored in the filament yarn
  • Wave range 4-20 micrometre

Effect of infrared waves

  • Improved blood circulation and capillary regeneration
  • Energy supply in tissue
  • Formation of endorphins


  • Rapid formation of collagen
  • Stimulation of the lymph system and oedema reduction