Textiles accompany us everywhere in everyday life. Not only in the form of clothing, but also in the exterior and interior of buildings and vehicles and in many everyday objects.

Such applications often involve additional needs that currently have to be solved with additional devices and electronics. These include flat light sources for better recognition of directional and warning signs or as a basis for illuminated signs, or loudspeakers for ambient and warning sounds or as part of personal communication equipment.

Area lights
They can be integrated with textiles. Due to their low power consumption they can be used directly on humans. They are flexible and at the same time offer an even radiation over the surface


  • Flexibles Flächenlicht, kaschiert - perforierte Membran
  • Flexibles Flächenlicht, kaschiertes Gewirk - Autodach
  • Flächenlicht mit hoher Flexibilität bei gleichbleibender Leuchtkraft

Textile loudspeakers
In the field of acoustics, ITP develops systems that can be integrated into textiles and consist of an embroidered coil and a disc magnet. The overall structure is only a few millimeters high and retains its flexibility and textile feel.

  • Textiler Lautsprecher - Bauteile (Rückseite)
  • Textiler Lautsprecher - flach und dezent (Vorderseite)