If unsaturated air is passed over a water surface, water vapour is absorbed. During this transformation phase from a liquid to a gaseous state, the ambient energy is extracted, whereby this cools down. The advantage of this cooling technology is the absence of an environmentally hazardous coolant, as well as the avoidance of complex hydraulic systems.

Figure: Cooling down process of the evaporation mat from 24°C ambient temperature to 13.5°C at 30% rel. air humidity, duration: 60 s

  • Verdunstungsmatte 22,9 °C
  • Verdunstungsmatte 20,8 °C
  • Verdunstungsmatte 17,5 °C
  • Verdunstungsmatte 13,7 °C
  • Anwendungsbeispiel im Reisebus