We manufacture textiles according to our customer’s preference:

  • Power feeder lines
  • Signal and data lines
  • Ribbon cable (textile cable harness)


  • Flat, highly flexible, multitrack textile power/data lines
  • Grid size, number of lines and line cross-section can be adapted to the customer’s needs
  • Currents of up to 60 A can be transmitted
  • Contacting of the conductive lines is possible using insulation displacement plugs, a soldering contact, crimping, etc.
  • Electrical insulation according to our customer’s preferences

  • 6-Kanal-Datenbus
  • Textile Zuleitung / Datenbus, 12-polig
  • Textile Zuleitung an breakout board
  • Textile Zuleitung, 2-polig
  • 6-Kanal-Datenbus